S2 E28: 'Quentin Manning' Part 2 + Robert B. Jones schools us on a century of popular music

The Apple Seed - Season 2, Episode 28

  • Aug 25, 2022 12:00 pm
  • 52:50 mins

On today's episode of The Apple Seed, we are featuring stories about transformation. You never now what something may become, and different people's lives all form in a unique way that makes us who we are. (4:38) "Three Chords and Five Notes" by Robert B. Jones: Storyteller Robert B. Jones shares a history of music through the last century and how it has played a role in shaping humanity today. You may be familiar with some of the songs in this story. (23:51) Radio Family Journal by Sam Payne: Sam shares a story about his family tree and what it means to him. No matter how much family may change through time, there is always something that draws us together. Family members are more alike than we may realize. (35:31) "Quentin Manning, Detective for Justice: The Case of the Flattened Tires part 2": Join us as we debut part 2 of "Quentin Manning: Detective for Justice", an original audio drama written by the storyteller Bill Harley.