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Online Ivy League Courses, Giving Conflict Advice, The Science of Friendship, Nurses on the Front Line, Family Search Indexing, Post-Quarantine Jobs

The Lisa Show
  • May 12, 2020
  • 01:41:15

Online Ivy League Courses (0:00:00) Harvard, Columbia, Yale. These Ivy League universities are household names and admittance to any of these schools guarantees a world-class education. However, an education of this caliber is attainable to only a select 5% of the student population—until now. These universities, and other non-Ivy League schools like Stanford and MIT, have begun offering free courses online available to any who wish to enroll. Dhawal Shah from Class Central, the leading destination for finding Massive Open online Courses, is here to discuss these offerings. The Perils of Giving Conflict Advice (0:14:05) We’ve all seen our fair share of arguments and conflict. Especially now as we’re in close quarters with the people that we love the most, but have the power to annoy us the most. Conflict can range from divorce to jealousy to a ten second debate with a coworker. No matter how it manifests in our lives, we can all relate to the feelings of confusion that come along with conflict. Often, we reach out to people close to us for advice. But, are you prepared for when it’s your turn to give the advice? With us today, we have Emily Taylor, certified mediator, conflict specialist, and communications trainer, to help us know just what to say to our friends in need. The Science of Friendship (0:34:07) What does it mean to be a good friend? From experience, many of us might say it means to be loyal, thoughtful, and forgiving of our many flaws. Good friends remember important events in our lives, bring us soup when we’re sick, and laugh not only with us but at us. At least these are the characteristics we think all friends should have. But, what does the actual science say? Lydia Denworth is an acclaimed science journalist who has researched the science and history of human friendship. She’s the author of the book “Friendship”, and she joins us today to discuss the science behind it so we can make and be good friends. Nurses on the Front Line (0:50:38) We know what our view of the pandemic has looked like—board games, crafts and online school. But what have things looked like for health professionals? Recent studies are showing that people working on the front lines make up at least 11% of those infected. These people are risking their lives every day, and we wanted to take a minute to hear the story of someone who has been a part of this fight. Joining us is Fastaff Clinical Director and working nurse Karen Fountain. FamilySearch Indexing (1:04:21) We have so much time on our hands these days, and what better way to fill it than with meaningful service? But it can be hard to find service opportunities that you can do from the comforts of your own home. However, one service opportunity that’s available all over the world is Family Search Indexing.  So, what is this and how can we get involved? Mary Lou Lillian is an avid indexer who shares the opportunity to index with those in her community through the JustServe platform. We invited her on the show to tell us more about how we can serve through Family Search Indexing. Looking for Post-Quarantine Jobs (1:24:05) In the last seven weeks, over 33 million Americans filed for unemployment. With such staggering numbers, finding a new job is intimidating to say the least. Not only do people have to worry about standing out from their competition, but how do you network with companies that just had to let go of the majority of their employees? When is it appropriate to talk to possible employers, including your former if you are looking to get your job back? And how can you start that conversation with sensitivity? Today, we have career expert and friend of the show, Josh Doody, to answer some of these questions and share how we can navigate today’s complicated job market. Show More...

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