Bipartisan Marriage, Idea to the App Store, Brave the Wild, Grill Recipes

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 395

  • Feb 17, 2020 2:04 pm
  • 50:41 mins

Bipartisan Marriage (0:00:00) Especially in a marriage, it’s necessary for every relationship to make a few compromises, to work towards seeing your partner’s point of view. But what should we do when the thing we’re disagreeing on is something as inflammatory as politics? While many people might claim they could never be with someone with a different political aligning, a recent study shows that at least 30% of marriages in the US are a mismatched partisan pair. Here to share with her experiences being in a bipartisan relationship and her perspective on politics from working on Capitol Hill is Jamie Brown Hantman, Washington DC veteran and author of “Heels in the Arena.” From Idea to the App Store (0:17:16) There are lots of great ideas for apps out there that have never been come to fruition. Like a flower delivery app or a scan your own groceries and check yourself out app. Making apps seems like something only the tech geniuses of the world can do. But that presumption might just be a myth. According to our next guest, building apps is easier than you think. Lyra Logan is an MIT Master Trainer in Educational Mobile Computing and author of Learn to Program with App Inventor. Today, she’s here to tell us how we can take our great app idea and make it into a reality. Brave the Wild (0:29:55) Have you ever wondered what it would be like to swim alongside a crocodile while a jaguar lurks behind you? This is just one of many scenarios that adventurer and animal specialist Coyote Peterson found himself in while hosting the new show on Animal Planet, “Coyote Peterson: Brave the Wild.” In this series, Coyote Peterson journeys to find some of the most bizarre and iconic animals in the world. But he also explores what’s needed to conserve these species. He joins us today to talk about his experience making the series as well as some of the animals he came across while filming. Healthy Grill Recipes (0:37:37) When I think of grilling, I think of making hamburgers and hot dogs. But it turns out there might be other, healthier, foods you can cook on the grill. Joining us today with some fresh and easy, grill recipes that you can try at home is Amanda Haas. Amanda Haas is a cook, cookbook author and recipe developer from Traeger Grills, and she’s here to help us save time with outdoor, or indoor, dinners straight from the grill.