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Overapologizing, Boomers, Redecorating, National Wildlife Week, Instagram and COVID-19, Women's Voices

The Lisa Show
  • Apr 6, 2020
  • 01:41:05

Overapologizing (0:00:00) Do you say "I'm sorry" after any minor inconvenience you make for someone? Or do you apologize whenever someone inconveniences you? If the answer is yes... and if it would take a CDC-unapproved number of hands (for those of you who don’t know, that would be more than 10) to count how many times you say “I’m sorry” during the day, you may be guilty of “over apologizing”. We’re not saying that apologizing is a bad thing –but it’s important to recognize when your apology is being said out of habit and when it’s necessary for resolving a real offense. Today we are joined by Donna Moriarty, author of “Not Just Words: How a Good Apology Makes You Braver, Bolder, and Better at Life,” to talk about how to stop over apologizing. Baby Boomers (0:14:42) Each generation likes to poke fun of the other, even blame each other for the problems we face today. However, we know this isn’t going to get us anywhere. Instead, we should try to better understand each other and learn what makes us all unique. So today we wanted to focus on the Baby Boomer generation. You may have heard your kid say “Ok, Boomer” on more than one occasion. This phrase was coined by younger generations to mock or dismiss the "“outdated” or “close-minded” opinions of older people born in the post-World War Two baby boom. This obviously angers Baby Boomers who often retort that younger generations are entitled and lazy. So, we’ve invited Amy Lynch, generational speaker, researcher, author, and Baby Boomer herself to help us understand her generation. Making Your Space Work For You (0:33:25) It’s been almost a month since we started social distancing (though it feels like it’s been a whole decade), and you may be getting bored of the way your home looks...  Or maybe you’re starting to feel trapped, crowded by family members, and a little cluttered. Well we want to help you create a space that will make you feel comfortable, relaxed, and organized during quarantine. So, we invited friend of the show and interior designer, Carrie Ann Rhodes on the show today to discuss how we can make our space work for us while we shelter in place. National Wildlife Week (0:50:30) It’s been kind of nice with everything shutting down, I’ve noticed a lot of people are getting out into nature more. And while the removed pressures of school and work do give us a chance to get outside, we want to make sure we’re doing it in a safe way. So what can we do to get outside and stay safe and healthy? For National Wildlife Week we’ve got David Mizejewski of the National Wildlife Federation to tell us how we can get outside during COVID-19. Instagram and COVID-19 (1:06:23) COVID-19 has taken a toll on society, but there’s a group of people who have been able to see it as an outlet for service. Singers, readers, composers –lots of people are using Instagram as a platform to touch the lives of other people right now. Let’s face it, nothing’s quite like regular human interaction, but having Josh Groban give you a concert from his living room isn’t half bad. Shelli Spotts, a writer and friend of the show, has been curating some of these resources on Instagram. We’ve invited her on the show today to tell us more about these resources and how we can stay entertained during this time of uncertainty. Women and the Conversation (1:25:08) Over the past few years, companies everywhere have been trying to be more inclusive. Unfortunately, during times of crisis leaders tend to take steps backwards as they focus on convenience and quick solutions. It’s vital for companies to continue to remember the importance of gender diversity so that they can navigate through hard times effectively. Here to tell us more about inclusion in the workplace during times of crisis is Susan Madsen. Susan specializes in leadership and women studies. Show More...

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