Curious Kids
  • Dec 6, 2016 7:00 am
  • 57:36 mins

When we’re children, we have a strong sense of wonder that helps us turn our inherent potential into experience and eventually wisdom. Being so small in a world can be scar, but it can also be exhilarating: when you’re a kid, the whole world can feel like it’s all yours and you want to soak up as much of it as you can. There’s courage in curiosity, so today’s episode is dedicated to the precocious children, odd offspring, and clever tots who remind us of all the things we forget when we get too big for the kid’s table. Stories included in this episode: The Curious Girl From a collection of Irish stories called "The Brewery of Eggshells and Other Irish Stories" from Nuala Hayes and Kate Corkery, this tale reminds us all to never stop asking questions. To learn more about Nuala Hayes and Kate Corkery visit Nuala's page on www.storytellersofireland.orgp The Elephant's Child The ultimate story about inquisitiveness and nosiness. This version of the classic Rudyard Kipling Just-So Story is performed by Jim Weiss. To learn more about Jim Weiss visit Ananse, Ahso and their Six Clever Children You might know Anansi from the folklore that surrounds the spidery trickster from the Asante people of Ghana. But did you know that Anansi, a character known to us through the power of the oral tradition, is the husband and father to a wife and children who are just as clever? Find more of Jenni Cargill-Strong's work by visiting Purgy-tory This story from from Leeny Del Seamonds is a testament to how kids do, or do not, test the boundaries of their knowledge. Find more of her work here

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