Cori Connors
  • Dec 23, 2017 3:00 am
  • 53:54 mins
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Image result for cori connors On this episode of Highway 89, we enjoy a visit from Cori Connors. From small but renowned venues such as the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, to Britain’s famous Liverpool Cathedral, Cori carries her fresh voice as a songwriter to audiences worldwide. Sometimes it’s Cori herself performing the songs. Other times, it’s great singers in her neighborhood or in her circle of friends, and sometimes its superstars like Chris LeDoux, Linda Ronstadt, or Tarja Turunen, giving Cori platinum status as a songwriter. Cori treated us to an evening of gentle renditions of her original Christmas and winter tunes. Find out more about Cori on her website: Enjoy an hour of music and conversation with Cori on vocals and guitar, and Mark Robinette on bass. The music includes these songs: Sleepy Little Town Is It Snowing Tonight Blowing Kisses Fall in Love Wise Men Seek Him Still One Small Boy Heavenly Choirs Little Did I Know Broke Mary Holds Him

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