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Job Burnout, E-Sports, Time to Create, Backpacking, Changing Your Mindset, Humanities Majors, Weekend Review

The Lisa Show
  • Jun 26, 2020
  • 01:45:28

Burnout at Your Dream Job (0:00:00) Our dreams in life can be so misleading –sometimes you feel like you know exactly what you want, only to have it turn out not quite how you expected. This can be especially true for a career-working nonstop to land a job, just to find out that you were merely scratching the surface on how hard it would be, isn’t the best motivator. So how do you reconcile having achieved your lifelong goal, but it can feel like it’s too much work? Today, we’re joined by Will Meyerhofer, a lawyer-turned-psychotherapist, here with us to discuss dealing with burnout at your dream job. The Mental Demands of E-Sports (0:22:35) E-sports have become a new, sweeping internet trend. With championships worth millions of dollars and platforms like Twitch developed specifically for fans to watch their favorite gamers live, E-sports are here to stay. But what does a virtual game have in common with real life, on the field games? Well just like any sport, E-sports require mental toughness. Here to discuss the mental demands of E-sports and how players are impacted is sports psychologist and Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology at the University of Chichester, England, Dr. Phil Birch. Time to Create (0:38:08) We all have this innate desire to create. Your idea might be an art piece, a film, a business, or a podcast. You have the idea, now you just need the time to make it happen. So, I guess it’s good that the one thing we have too much of these days in quarantine is time. But isn't it crazy how working from home and being around your family 24/7 seems to fill all the hours in your day? It feels like we only have time for an episode of our favorite show rather than anew creative project. Well, that might not be so true. Today we invited Bryan Collins on the show to share how we can use the Pomodoro technique and our extra time to tap into our creative juices and make something. He’s a journalist and author of “Yes, You Can Write”. Backpacking for Beginners (0:52:45) I hear a lot of people say they dream of backpacking across Europe. Which makes me wonder if they know what they’d be getting themselves into. Living out of a backpack seems easy and less expensive. You don’t have to carry as much stuff. But how do you fit everything in there if you’re a chronic over packer? And how do you really feel about wearing the same clothes every day? While you might not be going to Europe any time soon due to COVID travel restrictions, maybe you want to backpack through your local national park or mountain range. So, we invited backpacking expert Michael Lanza on the show today to give us all the best tips for planning the perfect backpacking trip. Change Your Mindset (1:13:54) We have so much change going on around us, especially with news about the pandemic fluctuating everyday and businesses trying to open. We’ve had changes in our families with camps, summer vacations, and work schedules. And we have no idea what the future holds. With all of this change, how can we go forward with the right mindset? And why is that so important. Kim Howie and Nancy Werteen, co-founders of The Wisdom Coalition and friends of the show, are here today with some advice on how we can manage our mindsets during this difficult time. Why Employers want Humanities Majors (1:27:32) Humanities have long been the bane of any parent paying for their child’s college education. Most young, idealistic college hopefuls intent on majoring in something in the school of humanities are told to study something useful, something that can pay the bills. The irony all this however, is that employers are increasingly seeking out humanities majors and they are nearly as gainfully employed as their STEM major counterparts. Here to discuss this phenomenon is Dr. Robert Townsend, author of the 2018 report “The State of Humanities 2018: Workforce and Beyond” published by the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Weekend Review (1:40:36) Richie talks about what there is to do this weekend, from the newest shows coming to streaming services to the New York Times Bestseller list. Show More...

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