LinkedIn, Stress Free, Aquaponics, Infertility, Live Rescue

LinkedIn, Stress Free, Aquaponics, Infertility, Live Rescue

The Lisa Show

  • Apr 29, 2019 4:00 pm
  • 41:32 mins
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Using LinkedIn Effectively (00:00)  It’s crazy to think that everything today seems to revolve around social media- even employment. You may have a LinkedIn account because someone told you you should. But why? Have you ever wondered what people are even looking at when they view your page or what they search to find you? Or who these unseen so-called ‘voracious’ hiring managers even are? Join Lisa and  LinkedIn Expert, Viveka von Rosen, to find out.  Stress-Free Home (20:33)  After a long day at work, we all want to come home to put our feet up, relax and unwind. But how often does that actually happen? There’s bills on the counter, dirty dishes in the sink, and more laundry to be done than we knew we even had. Luckily, psychologist Frieda Birnbaum has some advice on how to create a stress-free home.  Aquaponics (34:10)  Scientists have tried to find an alternative to growing plants in soil, but water-based plant growth—also known as hydroponics—has its fair share of drawbacks. But a new process may offer a better solution, it’s called Aquaponics and while you may not have heard of it until today, you’re going to be glad that you did. Tawnya Sawyer from The Aquaponics Source joins us to teach us all about this gardening wonder! Infertility (50:35)  If you've had struggles starting a family, don't worry, you're not the only one. Carrie Ann Rhodes joins Lisa to be open and frank about the struggles with infertility. Live Rescue (1:25:22) Ever wonder what the daily life of a first responder would be like? Well, A&E premiered a new live documentary series called “Live Rescue” last week that follows first responders in action, and Ashleigh Banfield is the host. Ashleigh Banfield is one of the most acclaimed anchors in television news, and one of television’s top law and justice journalists.

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