Lunar Colony in Sight

Lunar Colony in Sight

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Tobacco Ads Admit Addiction, Wild West Tours Europe

Episode: Tobacco Ads Admit Addiction, Wild West Tours Europe

  • Nov 30, 2017
  • 19:37 mins

Guest: Jay Melosh, PhD, Distinguished University Professor of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences, Purdue University It’s been 46 years since an American astronaut last set foot on the moon. Vice President Mike Pence told the National Space Council meeting last month that’s going to change: “We will return American astronauts to the moon. Not only to leave behind footprints and flags, but to build the foundation we need to send Americans to Mars and beyond.” He’s talking about setting up a more permanent presence on the Moon. A place where humans can train and stage supplies for missions farther out in space. So researchers are trying to find the perfect spot to build a lunar base. And new research published jointly by Japanese and American scientists points to an intriguing option – a giant underground cavern on the moon.