Sable Island, Outer Baldonia
  • Mar 13, 2020 6:00 pm
  • 50:34 mins

The Hidden Canadian Island Where Wild Houses Roam Guest: Zoe Lucas, President, Sable Island Institute Home to more feral horses than people, Sable Island is a thin strip of land off the coast of Nova Scotia. Its history is rife with tales about shipwrecks and roaming sea merchants. Turns out, the island is also an important place for scientific observation. We spoke with Zoe Lucas, a Sable Island researcher, about the history and significance of this little-known place.  The Micronation of Outer Baldonia Guest: Kara Arundel, education reporter and editor Outer Baldonia was a tiny island nation, complete with a declaration of independence, constitution, and its own currency. It was created and led by its “Prince of Princes,” Russell Arundel, a Washington businessman and lobbyist. It supported freedom for fishermen and opposed the communist bloc.