• Dec 4, 2019 3:00 am
  • 57:38 mins
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How do you feel love best? How do you give love? Today on the Apple Seed, we bring you stories and songs about love, communication, and human connection. For the first part of the hour, enjoy the following stories: Dizzy Gillespie’s Jaw Harp by David Holt on Live and Kickin' at the National Storytelling Festival (0:00-1:15) Most of What I Know About True Love” by Dolores Hydock on In-laws and Outlaws: Family Stories (0:00-12:19) “Pennies” by Dolores Hydock on Made From Scratch (0:00-5:21) “Like Meat, Loves Salt” by Pete Castle on Sampler (0:00-7:03) “Mail Myself to You” by John McCutcheon on This Land: Woody Guthrie’s America (3:28) Then, join us for our final segment, which will be a discussion about love languages with special guest Emilie Stiles!