Music and Stories
  • Jan 20, 2017 7:00 am
  • 56:39 mins

Stories through song from just some of our favorite storytellers who also happen to be musicians. Stories and songs included in this episode: Well Made the World Go/Survivor John McCutcheon gives thoughtful insight through story and song to a generous and enthusiastic audience. Find more of John's work at Big Frog Little Frog Contemporary violinist, folk musician, singer and storyteller, Susan is a winner of multiple Parents' Choice Awards and gives classic stories a contemporary musical treatment. Find more of Susan's work at Alicia & the Little Monster What happens when the monster under your bed is just as worried as you are? Bill Harley lets us know through story and song. Find more of Bill's work here Jimmy and the Seed/Seed Another story and song from Susan Reed, in which she enlists the help of family and friends to help us think about the seeds we plant. Find more of Susan's work at Cleaning Out Mama's House/Old Things An award-winning songwriter and veteran storyteller, Michael Reno Harrell brings the stories, songs, and spirit of the Southern Appalachian Mountains to audiences that applaud his signature "grit and wit." Find more of Michael's work by visiting

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