Beyond the Sea
  • Sep 27, 2017 6:00 am
  • 56:39 mins

Whether it’s the ominous music of Jaws, discovering little sea creatures like crabs or oysters, or a romantic walk on the beach, the ocean means something different to all of us. This episode features a range of songs and stories from Michael Katz, Brian "Fox" Ellis, Jill Lamede, Charlotte Blake Alston, Bob Reiser, Allison Downey, and Heather Forest that will sail you beyond the sea! Hole in the Sea by Charlotte Blake Alston (1:19) A gardener goes to great lengths to find something to cover her head everyday from the sun and rain and she finds a rock in the ocean that'll do the trick. The only thing is that it covers a giant bottomless pit. Learn more about Charlotte Blake Alston by visiting: Ishiusu by Michael Katz (8:33) A poor Japanese man finds a magic mill that he uses to make rice cakes and soon becomes very rich. His already wealthy brother decides to steal the mill stone, in the hopes that it will make him even richer. Learn more about Michael Katz by visiting: In the Realm of the Seal King by Brian "Fox" Ellis (23:08) While waiting for her father to return home from seal hunting a young girl is whisked away to the underwater kingdom of the Seal King himself where she experiences a change in perspective. Learn more about Brian "Fox" Ellis by visiting: The Mollusk's Tale by Bob Reiser (34:50) A story about an oyster named Pearl who is confronted with an oyster hunter and learns that her most important gift is not the magnificient pearl in her mouth but rather knowing when to speak. Learn more about Bob Reiser by visiting: The Blue Fish by Jill Lamede (43:52) A poor fisherman, whose father used to be an expert fisherman but who is now too frail to help, can't seem to catch a fish until one day when he finally catches a magic blue fish that grants him one wish. Learn more about Jill Lamede by visiting: Zig Zag Walk by Heather Forest (49:59) A sweet song about a crab who learns to walk zig zag just like her mother. Learn more about Heather Forest by visiting: Blue Deep Aegean by Allison Downey (52:31) A love song about the Aegean sea. Learn more about Allison Downey by visiting:

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