Airline Frustrations, Possibility Mom, Fall Hair Trends, Mothers and Daughters, Care for Caregivers, Screen Cleaning

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 277

  • Oct 11, 2019 2:00 pm
  • 1:41:14 mins

Airline Frustration (0:00:00) Have you ever been here? You’re running out the door two-hours ahead to make sure you are at the airport at the right time, the airport security line is never-ending, and on top of that, you’ve packed your favorite soap into your carry on and have to throw it away because it’s three ounces too big. Once you’re inside the gate, you find out that your flight has been delayed and you will miss your connecting flight. This description is enough to induce cold sweats for anyone who has had an experience remotely similar. So how do we deal with all the frustrations of airlines and airports? Here to tell us about how to improve our experience when air travelling is Christine Sarkis, executive editor of Smarter Travel. Possibility Mom (0:17:03) There are so many moms who feel like they are failing. Failing at work-life balance, failing at working out. Failing at date night, failing at not yelling... Failing at life, even.With all this failure, is there even hope?How in the world can the modern demands of motherhood be balanced? Lisa Canning is a parenting, lifestyle and interior design expert who helps moms design their lives around what matters most.She joins us today to discuss how moms can find hope and balance in their crazy, modern lives. Fall Hair Trends (0:32:33) Now that fall is officially settling in, it is safe to bring out the boots and sweaters. But speaking of fall trends, what are we to do with our hair? Michelle Lindsay, a hair stylist of over 20 years and an instructor for L’oreal Professionel is here with us today to share all of the hair cuts, colors, and accessories of the season. Mothers and Daughters (0:50:38) Relationships are difficult, and one of the most difficult ones is the one between a mother and daughter. So often these relationships feel broken, strained, tense, and unfixable. What can we do to fix them? “When a mother/daughter relationship is unhealthy, the family unit is unlikely to thrive,” says Bessie Fletcher PhD, author of Good News: God Speaks to Mothers and Daughters. “Once you heal that relationship, the family will heal too!” We’ve invited Dr. Bessie onto the show today to discuss how we can heal these precious relationships. Care for Caregivers (1:06:51) Do you have aging parents? Relatives with debilitating mental health issues? Disabled loved ones? Then you know the challenges that accompany caregiving. Studies show that 40%of caregivers report high psychological, emotional, physical, and financial stress. Giving your time, effort, emotion, and money to care for another human being-who may even be the one who is supposed to be caring for you-is taxing on the mind and body.But how can we properly care for others if we ourselves are overwhelmed? Dr. Santo Marabella, author of "The Lessons of Caring: Inspiration & Support for the Caregiver," joins us to discuss how we can take care of ourselves and feel less stressed under the responsibility of caregiving. Screen Cleaning (1:25:08) Jeff Simpson and Cole Wissinger of BYU Radio's Screen Cleaning discuss this week's newest movies, both in theaters and streaming online.