Crickets in the Kudzu
  • Jul 28, 2021
  • 56:50 mins

Nature is a wonderful thing. Being able to go outside and enjoy our beautiful world is an important part of life, and there are so many beautiful things to enjoy. Of course, preserving the beauty of the world is an important challenge that we face today with so much pollution and destruction. We all need to do our part, and we have some stories today that reflect some of the beauties of nature and the living things that make it so special. We’ll hear from Andy Offutt Irwin, Doug Elliott, and Pete Griffin with a range of stories both true and fantastic. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Crickets in the Kudzu” by Andy Offutt Irwin from Risk Assessment (2:40) Radio Family Journal: "Penelope Butterscotch Pudding" by Sam Payne (14:39) The Daily Mix: "The Muppet Movie" with Rod Gustafson (20:21) “Snake and the Egg” by Doug Elliott from Bullfrogs on Your Mind: Stories, Songs, Adventures from the Swamp to the Henhouse (28:36) “Red-breasted Sapsucker” by Pete Griffin from Welcome to Alaska: Tales from the Tongass Forest & Beyond (50:15)