Victoria's Favorites
  • Oct 5, 2017 4:33 am
  • 55:52 mins

Assistant Producer, Victoria Hardy, shares some of her favorite stories from tellers Molly Catron, Jay O'Callahan, Leeny Del Seamonds, and Kate Dudding. Roots and Raccoons by Molly Catron (1:33) Molly fondly recounts the story of her great grandfather and his family. She reluctantly decides to take her four granddaughters to the White family reunion. Despite her fears of the family judging her raccoon-eyed, wannabe rock star granddaughter, she learns that family connections can bridge any gap. Learn more about Molly Catron by visiting: Max by Jay O'Callahan (20:06) A story about a boy named Max whose grandparents teach him, “If you’re in love and you have a song, you can do anything. The ordinary laws don’t apply.” Max takes their advice and woos his crush, Emma, while simultaneously saving her father’s jewelry store from bankruptcy. Learn more about Jay O'Callahan by visiting: Cielito Lindo by Leeny Del Seamonds (32:07) A personal story from Leeny about how she was teased for her height, her glasses, her ears, and her moles and how her mother sings her a song to help her realize it's her unique qualities that make her special. Learn more about Leeny Del Seamonds by visiting: In the Face of Evil by Kate Dudding (41:11) Kate goes to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and hears the stories of three people form the Oklahoma city terrorist attack--a survivor, a rescuer and the father of a victim. Learn more about Kate Dudding by visiting:

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