• Apr 24, 2018 5:00 pm
  • 55:10 mins
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“Reunited and it feels so good…” Victoria’s Coming Back from the Mission Story by Victoria Khalil (00:44) Assistant Producer Victoria Khalil shares her experience coming home after living in Mexico and having limited contact with her family for a year and a half. Three Coins by Barbara G. Schutzgruber (6:53) A woman is forced into slavery for 20 years. Her owner releases her and an old woman gives her 3 pieces of advice for 3 coins. The woman follows the advice on the journey home and is eventually reunited with her family. Learn more about Barbara G. Schutzgruber by visiting: The Time Machine by Donald Davis (27:05) Donald Davis goes to his 45th high school reunion and tells stories about his principal and classmates. Learn more about Donald Davis by visiting: