New Tellers: May 2015
  • May 28, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 56:07 mins

Stories and songs included in this episode: Kevin Carr Story: Hog Eye Teller:  Kevin Carr Site: Notes: Stories from the world of the legendary logging camp of Tony Beaver.  Susan Reed Story: Big Frog Little Frog Teller:  Susan Reed Site: Notes: A folk tale about getting in and out of trouble. Susan Reed Story: Strawberry Moon Teller:  Susan Reed Site: Notes: A song from Susan Reed. Bill Gordh Story: Feegbah Teller:  Bill Gordh Site: Notes: This West African story involves a great big moody pumpkin.  Joan Stockbridge Story: Amaterasu Teller:  Joan Stockbridge Site: Notes: A Japanese myth.