S2 E25: Where Is Hope? Towns Rebuild Their "Lifescapes" After Disaster Strikes

Constant Wonder - Season 2, Episode 25

  • Aug 3, 2022 6:00 pm
  • 52:50 mins

When widespread disaster strikes, survivors lose not just their homes and belongings, they also can lose their "lifescape": their relationships with their neighbors, the places they frequent daily, their support systems. Meet some survivors from around the world who have held on to their lifescapes with creativity and tenacity. From out of the rubble, stories of inspiration and hope. Guests: Lucy Easthope, author of "When the Dust Settles: Stories of Love, Loss and Hope from an Expert in Disaster" Marc Mattox, Public Works Director and Town Engineer for the City of Paradise, CA Jeff Marcus, retired principal and former special teams football coach at Paradise High School Rick Printz, retired head football coach from Paradise High School Josh Alvies, former player and current JV football coach at Paradise High School