Ties Like Family
  • Apr 27, 2017 6:00 pm
  • 56:36 mins

Family is not a term we loosely throw around. When we call someone family that denotes a special connection, a type of bond that is resilient through hard times and long years. A bond like that can be created through genetic connection but in no way is it limited to that. Friends are often described as the family we choose. Teachers can become figures in our family, just as we can become part of theirs. However it came to be, there's something special about ties like family. Stories and songs included in this episode: WZIX by Kim Weitcamp (1:16) After writing her dad a song, Kim's mother asks if there's one for her. A story from Kim's childhood about winning an album for her mom from the local Oldies radio station ensues. This story was pulled from a collection entitled "Penny, Candy, Love" and for more of Kim Weitcamp's award-winning work you can visit www.kimweitkamp.com I've Got Your Back by Diane Ferlatte accompanied by Erik Pearson (24:44) A story of how encountering opposition can demonstrate how good friends, like family, have your back. Diane has been telling stories and traveling around the world for workshops and festivals for decades now. Learn more about Diane Ferlatte and what she calls her "musical sidekick", Erik Pearson by visiting www.dianeferlatte.com John McCutcheon (41:22) Recorded at the 2012 Timpanogos Storytelling Festival, this set of stories are anchored by a song John wrote for his youngest son as he went into kindergarten. Primarily a folk singer, John has written numerous kinds of songs for children to adults. Learn more about John McCutcheon by visiting www.folkmusic.com

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