Self-Care E8: Overcoming Comparison Without Deleting Instagram

The Lisa Show - Season 3 | Self-Care, Episode 8

  • Nov 15, 2022 1:00 pm
  • 38:39 mins

After a long day cleaning up after kids and dealing with teenagers, going on social media for a break can backfire, forcing you to see that your 4-year-old niece just mastered calculus and your unbelievably photogenic acquaintance from high school is on yet another Disney cruise. Social media is just one place where comparison can often turn toxic and hurtful, replacing confidence and satisfaction with the gnawing feeling that others are better off and better than. If “comparison is the thief of joy”, how can we manage this subconscious habit so that it increases our self-esteem and our supports self-care? Lisa talks with the Council of Moms (Hailey Smith and Tanya Quinn) to find out, shares her own experiences, and breaks down the connections that we're looking for when we compare ourselves to others.