Mini Book Club: Books to Make You Laugh

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode undefined

  • Jan 28, 2021 2:20 pm
  • 15:19 mins

Rachel Wadham, of BYU Radio’s Worlds Awaiting, talks with Lisa and Richie about the best nonfiction books to read if you’re looking for a laugh. Book's mentioned in this week's book club include: Who Ate the First Oyster?: The Extraordinary People Behind the Greatest Firsts in History by Cody Cassidy Did You Just Eat That?: Two Scientists Explore Double-Dipping, the Five-Second Rule, and other Food Myths in the Lab by Paul Dawson and Brian Sheldon How To: Absurd Scientific Advice for Common Real-World Problems by Randall Munroe You Look so Much Better in Person: True Stories of Absurdity and Success by Al Roker Is This Anything by Jerry Seinfeld Solutions and Other Problems by Allie Brosh Frontier Follies: Adventures in Marriage & Motherhood in the Middle of Nowhere by Ree Drummond Band Nerds: Poetry from the 13th Chair Trombone Player by D. J. Corchin Your Brain Needs A Hug: Life, Love, Mental Health, and Sandwiches by Rae Earl Nathan Hale’s Hazardous Tales: One Dead Spy by Nathan Hale