The Folka Dots
  • Aug 29, 2012 2:00 am
  • 58:00 mins
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On this hour of Highway 89, the highway becomes a dirt road headed to a hootenanny! Imagine you’re on a porch swing, the lightning bugs are just coming out and the best old time band you have ever heard is getting ready to play.  The Folka Dots are three folksy gals and two bluesy guys that hail from Salt Lake City but dwell musically in Appalachia. “O Brother Where Art Thou” meets the Wasatch Range in this hour with The Folka Dots. Tim Slover chats with each member of the band including Corinne Gentry about her ghost story project and Bronk Onion about foraging for truffles in the desert. The Folka Dots write their own lyrics and music and started recording their first album just 20 days after coming together. Follow Highway 89 on twitter @byuH89

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