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"How the Light Gets In" & The Art and Science of Scent

Top of Mind with Julie Rose
  • Jan 4, 2019
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How the Light Gets In Guest: Keira Shae, author, “How the Light Gets In" Keira Shae had a moment of viral fame several years ago when her thank you letter to American taxpayers spread across the internet. “I am twenty-three years old,” she wrote. “I am the daughter of an uneducated, meth-addicted prostitute who was the single mother of six children. Since 1987, you have supported me as you paid your taxes. You’re the sole reason I am alive.” There is more – much more – to the story of how a girl survived a dire childhood of poverty and abuse to become a college graduate, nonprofit executive and vibrant wife and mother. The Art and Science of Scent Guest: Dawn Goldworm, Olfactive Branding Expert, Co-Founder, Creative Director and In-House Nose for 12.29 Fresh baked bread. Clean cut grass. Laundry just out of the dryer. A waft of your mother’s perfume. Scents can conjure powerful emotions –nostalgia, happiness, disgust or dread. They can bring vivid memories charging back from a forgotten corner of the brain. They can also put us in the mood to eat or shop or sway cheek-to-cheek with a special someone. How does that work, exactly? Show More...

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