All in the Family
  • Jan 14, 2014 7:00 pm
  • 57:43 mins

This episode features more stories about family. Robin Schulte Story 1: Jack and the Levitator Teller: Robin Schulte Site: Notes: Robin's son is mystified by a Harry Potter-esque magic trick.   Williams Sisters Interview: Lime Ricki Swimwear Teller: Jennifer Williams Anderson, Colette Williams Callister and Nicole Williams Bruderer  Site: Notes: The Williams discuss starting their own business and overcoming trials.   Martha Reed Johnson Story 2: Dr. Timothy Johnson Teller: Martha Reed Johnson Site: Notes: Martha's mother loved to make up stories about the secret life of their family dog.   Jenni Cargill Strong Story 3: Froko and the Lettuce Teller: Jenni Cargill Strong Site: Notes: Jenni and her son enjoy watching a tree frog family grow.