Opposites Attract
  • Jun 20, 2017 6:00 am
  • 56:23 mins

When opposites attract, unlikely relationships are formed despite differences. Whether it’s love between a beauty and a beast or a friendship between a large carnivore and a little herbivore, there’s common ground to be found that can allow opposites to meet in the middle. Stories and songs in this episode include: Everyone's a Little Bit Different by Bill Harley (4:58) A tune reminding us that our differences are something to celebrate. Learn more about Bill Harley, winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award, by visiting: www.billharley.com Sleeping Beastly by Willy Claflin (9:21) Seemingly dissonant personalities may not be as incompatible as you may think, although one of them is elegant and graceful, and the other is messy and well, savage. In this tale recounted by Maynard Moose, you’ll find that a refined lady and a gnarly beast may not be so different after all. Maynard Moose and Willy Claflin have been traveling and working together since 1977, and you can learn more about them both by visiting: www.willyclaflin.com Once in a Blue Moon by Dolores Hydock (22:00) Sometimes when contrasting parties are drawn to each other their differences eventually drive them to live in different parts of the sky – like with the sun and the moon. But even when a separation has been established something always draws those opposites back together again every now and then. Learn more about Dolores Hydock, who has 10 CD's of original work, by visiting: www.storypower.org One Path to World Peace by Kate Dudding (28:57) Kate Dudding shows us how people with vastly different backgrounds can connect to each other by sharing their stories. Learn more about Kate Dudding, who won a Parents' Choice Approved Award for her first solo CD entitled Lighting the Way Home: Stories of Lighthouses and Their Keepers, in 2007 by visiting her website: www.katedudding.com The Trombone Queen and the Gingerbread King by Charlotte Blake Alston (33:39) In this story, two people in a relationship want the other person to be good at very specific things. But when the other person in the relationship demonstrates a complete ineptitude for the thing he or she is supposed to be good at what does that leave them to do? Compromise. Learn more about Charlotte Blake Alston, who plays the traditional 21 stringed instrument of Western Africa called the kora, along with several other traditional instruments, by visiting: www.charlotteblakealston.com Two Bears by Laura Simms (42:12) A story about an unlikely relationship between a warrior a polar bear. Learn more about Laura Simms and her collection of animal tales called Four-Legged Tales, by visiting: www.laurasimms.com The Lion and the Mouse by Heather Forest (47:08) A musical telling of the classic fable wherein the king of the jungle comes to acknowledge and appreciate the tiny scampering mouse. Learn more about Heather Forest, who is an author in addition to being a storyteller and a folk musician, by visiting: www.heatherforest.com

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