Literacy Opens Doors

Literacy Opens Doors

Worlds Awaiting - Season 1, Episode 30 , Segment 1

Literacy Opens Doors, Author Jennifer Nielsen

Episode: Literacy Opens Doors, Author Jennifer Nielsen

  • Sep 17, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 11:41 mins

Of all the subsets of society, children are the most vulnerable. Children need the most help. We start with their basic needs: food, clothing, shelter, and medicine. Soon after these priorities, we start addressing other vital needs, such as supportive relationships in their families and friendships. But a child’s life can still be severely impoverished without the gifts of education and literacy. How do we impart these? How can we do better?  Brad Wilcox, is a professor in the Department of Teacher Education at Brigham Young University. He’s lived in Utah, Ethiopia, and Chile, serving as an advocate for children and learning wherever he has gone. Brad Wilcox is Rachel Wadham’s guest in this segment of Worlds Awaiting.