First Experiences
  • Aug 5, 2014 6:00 pm
  • 58:26 mins

Stories included in this episode: Lynn Ruehlmann Story 1: Real Baby Maybe Teller: Lynn Ruehlmann Site: Notes: The story of Lynn's first encounter with a baby. Dolores Hydock Story 2: First Day of School Teller:Dolores Hydock Site: Notes: Dolores is reminded of her first day of school.  Glenda Bonin Story 3: A Frightful Night Teller: Glenda Bonin Site: Notes: Glenda's first job involves babysitting and battling ghosts?  Norah Dooley Story 4: First Haircut Teller: Norah Dooley Site: Notes: Norah was a curious child who wanted to look just like her older brother.  Alan Hoal Story 5: Why I Don't Fish Anymore Teller: Alan Hoal Site: Notes: A tall-tale from Alan's first fishing trip at nine years old.