Tales from Japan
  • Jun 7, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 55:10 mins

Tales from Japan...plus one from North America. The Spider Weaver by Alton Chung (1:03) A farmer saves a spider from a snake and is repaid in a very unexpected way. Learn more about Alton Chung by visiting: www.altonchung.com Meiji No Onna (The Woman of the Meiji Era) by Motoko (11:39) Motoko tells a story of her aunt and the struggles she faced as a single mother in an era where that circumstance was highly frowned upon. Learn more about Motoko by visiting: motoko.folktales.net What Buddha Sees by Motoko (38:20) A person learns what it takes to see with the same perspective as Buddha. The Invisible Boy by Stephanie Beneteau (43:43) Though not from Japan this story is a wonderful folktale about an invisible boy whose sister and future bride are the only people who can see him. Learn more about Stephanie Beneteau by visiting: www.stephaniebeneteau.com