Jewish Folklore #4

Jewish Folklore #4

The Apple Seed

  • Jan 9, 2018 7:00 pm
  • 56:48 mins
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The Oral Torah includes laws and rituals that are not recorded in the Five books of Moses and was passed on from generation to generation until 70CE when it was finally written down. And though this sacred text was finally recorded, the oral tradition did not die out for the Jewish people and today we’re bringing you stories that showcase how alive and vibrant the oral tradition still is in the Jewish community Fox and Fish by Karen Golden (1:36) A Rabbi and his students are in a bit of a dangerous situation, especially since he keeps telling them Torah stories, but the Rabbi tells them they are in the best spot they can be and proceeds to tell them why. Learn more about Karen Golden by visiting: Language of the Birds by Susan Strauss (6:10) The Baal Shem Tov teaches a man to appreciate the beauty around him. Learn more about Susan Strauss by visiting: Debate by Mary Wright (16:16) Part of Hanukkah lore, a chicken dealer outsmarts a king in battle of wits. Learn more about Mary Wright by visiting: The Magician by Judith Black (23:30) A Jewish couple gives everything they have to the poor and the husband, Jonah, keeps telling his wife that God will provide for them during Passover. The night of the Passover they still have nothing when a mysterious guest knocks on their door. Learn more about Judith Black by visiting: The Sound of Money by Zette Harbour (35:54) A King Solomon story, wherein a baker insists that a woman pay for the smelling his bread. Learn more about Zette Harbour by visiting: Buried Treasure by Joel Ben Izzy (40:15) A Polish folktale that's still part of the Jewish oral tradition. A man has a dream to leave everything and go to another city and after having this dream three nights in a row he decides to act on it. Learn more about Joel Ben Izzy by visiting:

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