• Apr 9, 2018 5:30 pm
  • 10:12 mins

How curious are you about the world around us? Perhaps you’re mostly interested in learning about other people. What’s life like for them? How do they accomplish what they do? Or, maybe your inquisitive nature is about plants, animals, minerals, dinosaurs, medicine, language... Our guest today on Worlds Awaiting, Elizabeth MacLeod has a deeply curious nature which, she says, has propelled her to write non-fiction books for kids of all ages on any number of subjects – from biographies to cookbooks, from science to the animal kingdom. Even though she never took a writing course during her four years at the University of Toronto, she loves to write and is successful doing it. MacLeod’s background is primarily in science – and her training has come in handy for researching and writing children's information books, including Why Do Horses Have Manes? And What Did Dinosaurs Eat?  MacLeod has also created books to fascinate and involve kids including the series Kids Can Do It and Snapshots: Images of People and Places in History. She lives and works in Toronto, Ontario.

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