Kanzo's Garden
  • Nov 28, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Nature holds a language just as we as humanity hold languages. Each of these stories connects to some part of nature - from including lines of French, Spanish and English, to talking about the birds and turtles and the languages of plants. There are always things we can learn from these wonderful creatures of nature. And if we stop and listen, perhaps we'll be able to hear them whisper to us. In this episode you’ll hear stories of all of these things and more, so stop and listen and maybe these stories can give you clues into what nature sounds like. On today's episode, enjoy the following: “The Gift“ by Michael Katz from Far Away and Close to Home: Magical and Mystical tales from Around the World (9:18) In this story the sun disappears after being forgotten by the people of earth. And the people then try singing to the sun with musicians to make him happy and bring him back. Will it work? Well, that's the story. And it's a bilingual adventure that you're sure to love. “Kanzo's Garden” by Lyn Ford from When the Gourd Broke Common Sense Stories (14:50) In this story you'll meet Kanzo, an extraordinarily gifted gardener, who is also very greedy. He builds a high fence to keep creatures out, even down to the smallest beetle. The story is about how the animals and birds try to make a plan to get some food from Kanzo's garden. “Moon and Sun” by Sean K. Buvala from Calling Out The Rising Sun: Stories for Teenage Guys (2:15) This is a short tale about the jealousy that exists between the moon and the sun. Jealousy because, after all, in this story the moon and the sun are siblings. “Thunder and Lightning” by Martha Hamilton with Mitch Weiss from How & Why Stories World Tales Kids Can Tell (2:46) This is a story called "Thunder and Lightning". Did you know that thunder and lightning were a ram and a sheep? Well, that's what this story says. And here's Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss. “Clytie” by Martha Hamilton with Mitch Weiss from Stories in My Pocket Tales Kids Can Tell (3:34) Martha sticks around to tell us a greek myth. The story of "Clytie", a girl who couldn't stop staring at the sun. “Wood & Nails” by Michael Reno Harrell from Tales and Tunes (7:49) Now we're going to hear from Michael Reno Harrell. This is a little tale and tune about a rainstorm and a house. This was recorded live during a house concert for friends. “The Tale of Shadow and Light” by Barry Stewart Mann from The Improbably Love of Ethel and Elmer and Other Offbeat Tales of Romance (2:30) Up next is Barry Stewart Mann with a story about the once wonderful friendship between shadow and light. “Talking With The Lights On” by Donald Davis from A Room of My Own (7:09) A lot of the stories we brought you this hour have to do with lessons learned from nature: thunder and lighning, the sun and the moon, shadow and light. We thought we'd bring you one more lesson story. This one a lesson learned from playing in the Junior High band, and it's from "The Dean", Donald Davis.

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