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World Central Kitchen, Understanding Conflict, High Yield Health, Coin Crisis, Hospice Cosmetology, Cast Iron Cooking

The Lisa Show
  • Aug 18, 2020
  • 01:45:32

World Central Kitchen (0:00:00) Just as we have seen recently, and in the past, major disasters can throw entire countries off balance and require extreme relief efforts as soon as possible. But when duty calls, who provides these services? Over the years, whenever a disaster has struck, one of the first responders to provide food to hurting communities has been World Central Kitchen, a non-profit dedicated to creating smart solutions to hunger and poverty. Joining us today is Mollie Moore, chief relief lead operations for World Central Kitchen, here with us today to talk about administering food in times of disaster and how you can get involved in the fight against hunger. Understanding Conflicts and Identity (0:16:50) Whether it’s deciding to let your child stay up late on the weekends or deciding whether you should wear a mask into McDonalds, it’s important to take a stand on certain topics. Often we find ourselves knowing what we don’t believe in. You can know that you won’t vote for a certain candidate without knowing who you will vote for. This thought process has its place, but it shouldn’t be our go-to platform. It’s vital to our identities, that we know what we stand for versus what we don’t. To discuss this issue with us today is Emily Taylor, certified mediator, conflict specialist, and communications trainer. High Yield Health (0:35:00) When it comes to improving our health, there are so many places to start that it sometimes feels overwhelming. There’s so much we COULD be doing to improve our exercise and nutrition, but it can be hard to fit that into our busy daily schedules, not to mention trying to get a full night’s sleep! It’s always good to set aside time to look after our personal health, but some days it just feels like there literally isn’t enough time to do that. This is where “high-yield health” comes in. As an emergency room doctor and mother, Dr. Darria Long has had plenty of practice implementing low-effort strategies that have a high yield on health and joins us today to share some of these tactics. Coin Crisis (0:52:46) Have you noticed it’s been difficult to pay with cash lately? And not just because you don’t have cash on you. You might have seen the signs around various places—a lot of stores are now requesting payments through card or with exact cash. And while we might not be paying with cash too frequently anymore, it does still have its uses. So we want to know more about what’s going on.Here to explain it to us is CFO and member of the US Coin Task Force Sherri Reagin. Cosmetology in Hospice (1:09:29) Don’t you think that everyone deserves to feel beautiful? We do! We recently came across a service opportunity for cosmetologists to help out hospice patients by cutting and styling their hair. A great hair cut can really change the way you feel about yourself, and we thought it was so touching that people are helping those who have heavier things on their mind than an appointment to get their hair done. We’ve invited Wendy Anderson, the coordinator for this service opportunity with Silverado Hospice, onto the show today to tell us more about this opportunity. Modern Cast Iron Cooking (1:26:56) When you’re sitting at a restaurant and you see a waiter deliver a sizzling cast iron pan of home-cooked goodness to the table next to you, not only do you want that dish but you also want to learn how to make it at home. But when was the last time you cooked something with a cast iron pan? For years, we’ve been reliant on our stainless-steel cookware. So why would we use a cast iron pan? And how would it improve the flavor of our favorite meals like mac and cheese?  Well joining us today, to share everything we need to know about cooking with a cast iron is author and cast-iron expert, Ashley L. Jones. Show More...

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