• Apr 28, 2015 6:00 pm
  • 55:14 mins
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Stories included in this episode: Fran Yardley Story: The Sears Roebuck Baby Teller: Fran Yardley Site: Notes: There's never a better time to be born than now. Donna Ingham Story: The Babe of the Alamo Teller: Donna Ingham Site: Notes: This little babe rubs elbows with some of the toughest folks in the West. Kathy Collins Story: Momotaro Teller:  Kathy Collins Site: Notes: This baby born from a peach is known around the globe. Joel Ben Izzy Story: A Tale From Jerusalem & Tokyo Teller:  Joel Ben Izzy Site: Notes: A King Solomon tale with an inimitable Joel Ben Izzy twist.