• May 25, 2021
  • 56:50 mins
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"How easily happiness begins by dicing onions.” So said the poet William Matthews. How easy is it to find happiness? Maybe just as simple as dicing onions, cleaning your room, taking a walk, or listening to a good story. We hope you find some happiness on today’s episode. Our first story is “Onions,” by Cindy Rivka Marshall, a story of a girl finding her way in the world with the help of a bag of onions. You’ll hear “Half Chick” by Tim Lowry, the story of a strange little chicken, and “Mollie Bailey Was a Spy,” by Donna Ingham, about a circus performer who doubled as a spy. We’ll wrap it all up with “Colorin Colorado,” a story that a father uses to comfort his son, told by Pam Faro. It’s all coming up today on the Apple Seed! On today’s episode, enjoy the following: “Onions” by Cindy Rivka Marshall from By the River- Women's Voices in Jewish Stories (2:36) Radio Family Journal: "Castle" by Sam Payne (16:24) The Daily Mix: "The Sandlot" with Rod Gustafson (23:44) “Half Chick” by Tim Lowry from The Elephant’s Child and Other Animal Stories (32:23) “Mollie Bailey Was a Spy” by Donna Ingham from Historically Speaking (40:12) “Colorin Colorado” by Pam Faro from Why Didn't I Think of That?: Seeking Solutions- Some Sassy, Some Silly, Some Smart (46:39)