Church Stories
  • Sep 13, 2017 6:00 am
  • 58:29 mins

If you’re a church-goer, then you know that church is not only a place for spiritual uplift and worship, but it’s also the place where the foibles and idiosyncrasies and wonderfulness and strangeness of each member of a community is often on display for his or her neighbors. Look no further than church to find examples of resourcefulness and horse-sense, and an environment in which the limits of patience, tolerance, and good-naturedness sometimes find themselves under the most strenuous tests. Stories and songs in this episode include: A Funeral for Cuss by Bil Lepp (2:01) A hyperbolized story of a man named Cuss and the unique circumstances that took place at his funeral. Learn more about Bil Lepp, who has authored a parenting book entitled "Muddling Through: Perspectives on Parenting", by visiting: The Mighty Tudor's Biscuit World Biscuit Oven Organ by Adam Booth (21:10) A tall tale about a time that Adam Booth offered his organ skills for the Easter Service of a local church. Learn more about Adam Booth, who holds a masters degree in music history, by visiting: The Night that Changed Everything by Geraldine Buckley (35:25) The story of a night that changed her life, a night when Geraldine Buckley agreed to present in a maximum security prison. Learn more about Geraldine Buckley, who has several prison themed presentations, by visiting: Church by Sam Payne and Savoy (44:24) A song written by Lyle Lovett about a hungry congregation. Learn more about Sam Payne and Savoy, who have played all around the world, by visiting: The Creation by Ed Stivender (48:33) A humorous yet textually rooted telling of the creation of the world according to the bible. Learn more about Ed Stivender, who is a theologian and a banjo player, by visiting:

Episode Segments