Twelve Dancing Princesses
  • Apr 30, 2020 1:00 am
  • 56:12 mins

From Grimm’s Fairy Tales to Barbie movies, we’ve all heard princess stories; they’re full of magic, wit, and of course, love. Today’s princess stories will be told by Jullie Barnson, Priscilla Howe, and Megan Hicks. Some will have dancing, some will have necklaces, and some will even have roasted chickens! But at their core, every single one of them will have the important lesson that truly anyone can find love - even if it doesn't come from where you expected. So put on your glass slippers and join us for the adventurous tales of princesses in love. On today’s episode, enjoy the following: Story Kickoff: “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” PART ONE by Megan Hicks (10:18)  Story Spotlight: “Blockhead Hans” by Jullie Barnson (10:50) Daily Mix: Paul Ricks discusses “Bearskinner” Storytime:  “The Broken Token” by Mike Agranoff (6:07) “The Monkey’s Necklace” by Priscilla Howe (3:21) “The Twelve Dancing Princesses” PART TWO by Megan Hicks (10:18)