Victorian Children's Lit

Victorian Children's Lit

Worlds Awaiting - Season 3, Episode 10 , Segment 1

Victorian Children’s Lit, Contemporary Kids Mysteries

Episode: Victorian Children’s Lit, Contemporary Kids Mysteries

  • Mar 17, 2018 5:30 pm
  • 12:16 mins

Today’s children’s and young adult literature ranges from tales of knights, dragons and wizards, to dystopian societies, mystery, humor, and the like. Children’s lit in the 1700’s and earlier was more focused on moralizing. Stories simply had to teach a lesson! Today on Worlds Awaiting Rachel Wadham welcomes Jamie Horrocks, BYU English Professor and an expert in Victorian literature and culture. Horrocks talks about the Golden age of Children’s literature that dawned in Victorian Great Britain. Society had begun to realize that children have a sense of wonder and imagination. Children were more than little people in need of preaching. Jamie Horrocks researches Victorian aesthetics and the intersection of literature and art, especially in the late nineteenth century. She has published on Oscar Wilde, Vernon Lee, Virginia Woolf, and the Aesthetic Movement.