Naomi's Favorites
  • Jun 5, 2018 6:00 pm
  • 57:48 mins

Assistant Producer Naomi Campbell shares some of her favorite stories. Papito by Antonio Sacre (00:48) Antonio shares the story of his childhood nickname and how it eventually spurred him to lose his Spanish speaking abilities, only to regain them with the help of his grandmother later on in life. Learn more about Antonio Sacre by visiting: Chili's Con Cafe by Rick Huddle (10:00) A story about language immersion and great spanish-language poets—including Rick's attempt to be one himself. Learn more about Rick Huddle by visiting: Joseph the Knight written by Andy McQuinn (18:24) This story was penned by a BYU Broadcasting employee and recited by the long time voice of "Rabbit" from Winnie the Pooh. A tale about a knight who has to decide where he will focus his energies. She-Goat by Laura Simms (32:52) A young girl relies on her friend the She-Goat to lift her up after her mother dies and her father remarries a selfish woman. Learn more about Laura Simms by visiting: A Gourd of Palm Wine by The Storycrafters (41:09) An entire village learns a lesson when their ruler asks each member to bring a gourd of palm wine to a feast. Learn more about The Storycrafters by visiting: Ode to A Krispy Kreme by John McCutcheon (53:50) A song about fine dining. Learn more about John McCutcheon by visiting:

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