Love Gone Awry
  • Feb 13, 2015 7:00 pm
  • 55:49 mins

It's Valentine's Week at The Apple Seed, and we've been airing heart-warming stories of love and romance. Today's stories, however, might just stop your heart. Everyone loves stories about love, but on Friday the 13th, you oughta be careful what you wish for... Stories included in this episode: Story 1: Date at the Heber Creeper Teller: Christa Cutler \*\*Notes: \*\*A truly harrowing tale of a date gone wrong. Makena Bauss Story 2: Nightmare on North Canyon Road Teller: Makena Bauss \*\*Notes:\*\* A cringe-worthy encounter with a suitor from our assistant producer, Makena. Linda Goodman Story 3: Jessie Teller: Linda Goodman Site: Notes: A little girl grows up with the man of her dreams on her mind, but she learns quickly to be careful what you wish. Donna Washington Story 4: Mr. Fox Teller: Donna Washington Site: Notes: An adaptation of a classically terrifying tale that teaches all that glitters is not gold.