Jambalaya Sixteen
  • May 7, 2014 7:00 pm
  • 56:57 mins

Stories included in this episode: The Apple Seed Story 1: Boys' Band Teller: Makia Malo Notes: Makia share's a story from his time in the Hawaiian village of Kalaupapa, a leper colony. Bil Lepp Story 2: Making it Mine Teller: Bil Lepp Site: http://leppstorytelling.com/ Notes: When he was five years-old Bil learned how to mark his territory the traditional way. David Holt Story 3: Titanic Premonition Teller: David Holt Site: http://www.davidholt.com/ Notes: A woman is reluctant to board the famous "unsinkable ship." Liz Weir Story 4: The Pedlar of Ballaghaderreen Teller: Liz Weir Site: http://www.lizweir.net/ Notes: A peddler inspires a town to be kind to one another. Jenni Cargill-Strong Story 5: The Difference Between Heaven and Hell Teller:Jenni Cargill-Strong Site: http://www.storytree.com.au/ Notes: A women is shown both heaven and hell, and what she learns surprises her. Bill Harley Story 6: Why I Bought a Sailboat Teller: Bill Harley Site: http://www.billharley.com/ Notes: Bill Harley put it best when he said, "the things that we need to do to live, not just survive, might not be rational."