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Everyday Rockstar, Marketing vs. Thinking, Boxed Out, Parenting Perfectionism, Safety Skills, Positive Workplace Language

The Lisa Show
  • Oct 21, 2020
  • 01:45:35

Everyday Rockstar (0:00:00) Lisa and Richie talk with this week’s featured Everyday Rockstar. You or someone you know could be featured next! Send us your nominations by emailing Marketing vs. Thinking (0:06:04) Think back on the last few things you’ve purchased for yourself. Why did you buy them? If someone recommended something to you, why did they buy it? Chances are, the further you look back, quite a few of your decisions are due to an ad you saw or a press release you read. But in what other ways does marketing impact our decision making? Today, we’re joined by Dr. Matt Johnson, a psychologist and consumer behavior expert. He’s here with us to get a deeper look into how marketing affects the way we think. The “Boxed Out” Campaign (0:25:08) While it’s convenient to buy new books online, there’s something unique about going to my local book store. We love browsing through titles, getting new recommendations, and chatting with my local bookseller. But with COVID-19 shutting everything down, it’s become really hard to support our local businesses. In fact, 20% of independent bookstores face the threat of shutting down right now.A new campaign has come out urging people to buy local and avoid big online sellers. Here to tell us more about the campaign and how we can help is CEO of American Booksellers Association, Allison Hill. Perfectionism in Motherhood (0:38:14) She’s the mom we all want to be. She has three perfectly groomed children who all started reading and writing at age 3, excel at all 5 of their extra-curriculars, and are beautifully well-behaved. And the mom is the CEO of her own company and a marathon runner on the weekends. She’s also the mom that doesn’t exist outside our imaginations. Perfectionism and motherhood often go hand in hand because we want the best for our kids. However, it’s also a dangerous state of mind. Here to discuss perfectionism and motherhood is Catia Holm, author and inspirational speaker Safety Skills for Teens (1:13:38) There are some things that are never taught to teens but could prove vital to their mental and physical safety. Here with us today is Jonathan Cristall, a veteran prosecutor in Los Angeles, who is going to tell us about safety skills every teen should know. Positive Workplace Language (1:27:34) Our whole lives, we hear about the power of positivity and how it can lead us to greater success. We often practice positivity by choosing to smile when things are stressful or by focusing our thoughts on the highs rather than the lows. It is truly powerful, especially in the workplace. But how often do we put ourselves down when talking to our co-workers or employers rather than letting positivity seep into the way we communicate? Here to answer this question as well as teach us how we can reframe our minds to communicate positively in the workplace is business consultant, negotiation expert and friend of the show, Josh Doody. Show More...

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