Symbiotic Farming with Aquaponics

Symbiotic Farming with Aquaponics

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Afghanistan, Wonderland, Aquaponics, Extreme Ironing

Episode: Afghanistan, Wonderland, Aquaponics, Extreme Ironing

  • Jan 31, 2019 11:00 pm
  • 14:27 mins

Guest: Paul Venturelli, Assistant Professor of Fisheries, Ball State University A lot of the fish we eat has been farmed –not caught in the wild. You probably knew that. Did you know that you can grow plants in water? Not just lilies and water cress, but lettuce and tomatoes and other edible stuff. Now here’s the really cool thing: there is a way to both farm fish and grow plants in water all in the same system. It’s called aquaponics and on a small scale it’s kinda fun to do in your kitchen. On a larger scale, some experts think it might be a farming solution for places that are short on water and land.