Fantastical Future
  • Jan 1, 2021 1:00 am
  • 56:50 mins

Here at the Apple Seed we love new beginnings. We love fresh starts! We love change! Well, we learn to love change. We know change can be gritty and hard sometimes, but when it comes after a long period of struggle, change can feel like a breath of fresh air. Change, or that fresh start, washes everything off of our canvas and hands us a new palette of colors to work with as we paint ourselves a new outcome. Change gives us a new opportunity to be imaginative about the future we want for ourselves. When the going gets tough, we look to stories to rejuvenate our hope in that better future, and ideas on how to make it the kind of future one dreams about – a fantastical future, if you will. Today, we’ve hand-picked stories that will help use dream up a future of hope and happiness. We’ll forget the troubles of the past as we hear from artists like Peter J. Parker and Sheila Stark Phillips. We’ll hear about everything from a magical creature who brought good fortune to an old couple, to a troll whose rude visitors give her an opportunity for change of space and change of pace. On today’s episode of The Apple Seed, enjoy the following: “Moonshimmer” by Peter J. Parker, from Panryl the Wizard (18:42) “The Troll’s House” by The Storycrafters, from Bride of Classic with a Twist (10:17) “Crane’s Gift” by Sheila Stark Phillips, from Tater and His Musical Adventure and Other Fun Tales (14:20) Radio Family Journal: "Owl Delivery" (4:34)