Spring Religious Observances

Spring Religious Observances

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Garden and Landscaping, Spring Religious Observances

Episode: Garden and Landscaping, Spring Religious Observances

  • Mar 27, 2015 9:00 pm
  • 52:28 mins

Guests: Eric Huntsman, professor of Ancient Near Eastern Studies and Early Christianity at BYU  Jared Ludlow, BYU professor of Ancient Scripture and Judaism  Richard Holzapfel, BYU religion professor whose expertise is in ancient scripture and religious history  It’s a season of renewal, of hope and a reminder of the cycle of life. In Christianity, it’s the sacred season of Easter, a time to remember the sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ. In Judaism, it’s Passover - at time to thank God for sparing the firstborn children of Israel in Egypt and freeing them from bondage. For Hindus, spring brings the joyous Holi Festival where people fling colorful dust at each other, sing, dance and light bonfires. And, of course, many of our Spring religious rites are rooted in Pagan symbols of life and rebirth.