Deep Cleaning Your Fridge and Pantry

Deep Cleaning Your Fridge and Pantry

The Lisa Show - Radio Archive, Episode 749 , Segment 3

Episode: The Hardest Word to Say and What's Standing In Your Way?

  • Jun 23, 2021 12:00 pm
  • 17:35 mins

You know that moment when you open the fridge and you get slammed with a horrible smell? Your first instinct is to close the door, but you also know you have to find the source of the odor, or it will only get worse. Finding the smell, and then cleaning out the rest of your fridge is rarely a positive experience as you find empty salad dressing bottles, soggy spinach, and who knows what’s in that Tupperware container hiding in the back. But it’s so satisfying when you have your fridge clean and smelling good again. So, we invited expert and owner of Go Clean Co, Sarah McAllister, on the show to give us her tips for cleaning your fridge and pantry.