Nothing Grim, Nothing Greek
  • Nov 2, 2017 6:00 am
  • 58:29 mins

On today’s episode of the Apple Seed, nothing grim, nothing Greek, nothing formal, nothing normal – just a few mostly light-hearted stories from some favorite tellers. You’ll hear from Donald Davis, Doug Elliott (with a story called "Fifty Thousand Bees on my Head," who could resist?), Maynard Moose (and his erstwhile human companion, Willy Claflin), and Ed Stivender, with a performance of Morgan Ashton’s morality poem "The Chess Game." Keep-a-Goin \[Live] by Donald Davis (1:22) Fifty Thousand Bees on my Head, Sail On Honeybee by Doug Elliott (18:44) Lazy Jack \[Live] by Willy Claflin (38:49) The Chess Game performed by Ed Stivender (48:52)