Family Visits
  • Apr 22, 2014
  • 27:26 mins
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This week, Richard and Linda Eyre are on the road with their family in California. After spending time with the grandchildren, the Eyres share several heart-warming stories from some of their interactions with the grandchildren. They discuss the difference in personalities and attitudes between the grandkids and remind parents that each and every child is different. And because each child is different, it is important to adjust parenting strategies and styles for each child. For example, what motivates one child may not matter to another child.  But it all comes down to find joy in the little things. The Eyres reassure parents that nobody is perfect and remind parents that everyone goes through hard times. Things will never be exactly the way we want them to be, so we need to make the most of life and not get down on the struggles we face in this mortal life.