There Was a Time
  • May 5, 2016 6:00 pm
  • 55:48 mins

Stories included in this episode:  There Was a Time (3:46) This warm tale features a fictional town where the once weak and feeble become pillars of strength and intrigue. Our elders have much to offer, if only we'll take the time to listen. A little while ago, we were joined in studio by Clive Romney who shared some of his favorite stories and storytellers. One of the tellers he highlighted was Teresa Clark, whose crisp style, quick qit, and warm personality mesemerize audiences of all ages. A stellar storyteller and registered teaching artist based in Idaho, Terea B. Clark shares stories to warm your heart.  To learn more about Teresa Clark's work visit Bobo and the Baseballs (23:23) You'll find Dan Keding on stage at the National Storytelling Festival this October in Jonesboro, Tennessee. Dan Keding is well known for his telling of traditional world folktales, personal narratives of his boyhood in Chicago, ghost stories and dark tales, and superbly crafted original pieces. As a child he learned the traditional stories that his grandmother brought to this country from Croatia. A well-respected ballad singer, he accompanies himself on guitar, banjo and spoons.  To learn more about Dan Keding's work visit The Weeping Girl at the Dancing Place (33:19) Liz Weir is a storyteller and writer from Northern Ireland. She was the first winner of the International Story Bridge Award from the National Storytelling Network, USA, which cited her "exemplary work promoting the art of storytelling". Liz Weir has told her stories to people of all ages on five continents. She has performed in pubs and prisons and hospital rooms, and is beloved by audiences of all ages. To learn more about Liz Weir's work visit Hansel and Gretel (40:14) Since 1977, when he left his day job as a high school teacher in Connecticut and turned to storytelling full-time, Ed has fabulated his way around the globe --appearing in schools, churches, coffeehouses and theaters, as well as at major storytelling festivals. He has been a featured performer at the National Storytelling Festival, the Cape Clear Island International Storytelling Festival in Ireland, Graz Festival, Austria and our own Philadelphia Folk Festival. His wit, wisdom, and musical talent make him a beloved teller across the globe. To learn more about Ed Stivender's work visit

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