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Food Safety Tips, Learning a Language, Hamilton History, Human Trafficking, Weekend Review

The Lisa Show
  • Jul 10, 2020
  • 01:45:32

Food Safety Tips (0:00:00) When it comes to food safety, we all know the basics: wash your hands after handling raw meat, rinse your produce, and try not to eat raw cookie dough (but we won’t judge you if you do). But how good are we when it comes to the lesser-known food precautions? How often do we need to be switching out our sponges, and what’s harmful about putting hot food in the fridge? Now that we’re all cooking more from home, we need to be extra careful about keeping our bodies safe from foodborne illness. Joining us on the show this morning is Natalie Seymour, a Food Safety Extension Associate, here to discuss how to separate delicious food from dangerous germs. Learning a Language Fast (0:20:45) 917 million people speak Mandarin. 417 million speak Spanish. And both of these languages have more native speakers than English. Learning a new language isn’t just a hobby, but it’s becoming a necessity in order to communicate with others all around the world. Sure, learning a new language can seem daunting. But, most of us have a little extra time right now, especially now that it’s summer. Plus, it's a great way to keep your children’s minds engaged while school is out. With us today we have Lindsay Williams from Lindsay Does Languages—a blog to help inspire independent language learners and tutors. Lindsay has studied 13 different languages. She’s here to share all of her tips and tricks on quickly learning a new language. History Lessons from Hamilton (0:33:05) Have you seen “Hamilton” on Disney+ yet?  This Broadway musical tells “the story of America then, told by America now”. It focuses on the life of Alexander Hamilton, one of our nation’s founders. With a mix of hip hop, R&B, jazz, and Broadway music, “Hamilton” has received unprecedented acclaim and popularity. However, a rapping Thomas Jefferson and bald George Washington raise a couple of, how historically accurate is this Broadway phenomenon? To help us know what aspects of “Hamilton” are based on real American history, we’ve invited Dr. Benjamin Park onto the show. He’s a professor of history at Sam Houston State University. The Race Against Human Trafficking (1:11:08) Renee Brinkerhoff wants to complete 6 racecar rallies on 7 continents all in a vintage Porsche 356 vehicle. While this seems like a worthy pursuit in and of itself, it’s not the end of the story. In fact, we were amazed to hear that Renee’s goal with these races is to put an end to the terror that is human trafficking. We were inspired by Renee’s mission so we’ve invited her on the show today to tell us more about it. She’s the racer and philanthropist from Valkyrie Racing Team and Valkyrie Gives Foundation. Weekend Review (1:27:36) Lisa and Richie talk about what there is to do this weekend, from the newest shows coming to streaming services to the New York Times bestsellers list. Show More...

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